Swim Lessons

From our didactic, competition swimming experience, of over 18 years, we thought to structure the swimming lessons in 2 programs:

Learn to Swim Program and Performance Program
We did this because sometimes you just want to swim, and sometimes you want to swim longer. This is actually the only difference between programs. To swim well, be sure you will. You or your child. It also depends on the time you want to dedicate to this activity.

Learn to Swim Program

This program is structured on several levels. And below, we'll explain exactly what each level of swimming means and what steps children will go through in each level. And every time we talk about children, we want you to know that even in the case of an adult, the same process is applied. Why? because they are bigger children, but they have not discovered the swimming yet. You will also find technical terms in the description, because refer every time to swim technique, but we are trying to explain it as simply as possible.

The Performance Program

Children have the opportunity to advance to a higher standard of swimming by being part of a team. The sessions are 45 minutes and one hour. In this program, we improve resistance, technique, turns and diving. For those who want to make the next step, competition is very important. The level of performance provides sprint and distance, heart rate sets, the use of the rhythm clock, all of which are coordinated by our teachers with both didactic and competitive experience.

Swimming LESSONS for young children (3 - 3.5 years old)

Little children swimming lessons by developing the love for water

Teaching a small child to swim requires commitment, knowledge, patience, understanding and devotion. Also, teaching a small child's swimming takes time - please allow us to have this time in order to allow your child to be a happy swimmer in the water.

This program is designed to familiarize the student with the level 2 program.

We have presented a brief summary of what we are at Swim Factory. Together with you, we can work together in order to help your child gain progress.

Swimming levels

The level of swimming is the ability, talent and work done by a child to achieve the ultimate goal in each stage. To learn how to swim correctly, relaxed, and safely is to go through all the levels below under the instructor's instruction. Passing to the next level is done at the recommendation of the teacher who has the necessary experience to do so.


At the first level the child gains confidence in the water. Trust gains by playing and having fun. It is a time when both, teacher and parent... read more...


The child is aware of elementary freestyle and back actions, those elements being a priority within the program. Level 2 is a challenge for t... read more...


At this level, the child discovers the coordination of body position, hitting, breathing and arm mobility. Motor skills are essential to lear... read more...


At this level, the activity of the legs and arms is already continuous, coherent and independent from the teacher. The child's effort in the... read more...


Children are able to successfully accomplish all movements and technical exercises. We increase the number of swimming pools, increase the strength and the number of turn... read more...


Here the number of pools during one hour of swimming is increasing and is achieved in almost all swimming strokes. Children swim already very... read more...