After work comes the reward, mega fun at the movie!

Because tradition is very important to us and because I promised when I started on this path of setting up this swimming club, that sport must be combined with recreational activities, which are meant to create friendship and mutual support between Swim Factory Family members, here we are again, this time in an even bigger number at the ,,Familia Monstrulescu” movie (!

Swimming, the wonder sport who increase the immunity system

Swimming is especially recommended during the cold season of the year, to be practiced regularly. Why? Because it helps where there are breathing problems by also increasing resistance to infection.

4 Tips from Top Swim Coaches

1. Avoid Comparison

The first rule of swimming is there is no “right” way to swim. Just as everyone runs differently, the same goes in the pool. All good swimmers incorporate certain elements into their stroke, says Jamie Barone, director of aquatics at Chelsea Piers Connecticut, who adds that you also have to incorporate those elements into what your physiology will allow. That means not to comparing yourself to the girl in the lane next to you.