Swim Factory Family

Swim Factory is a place where you learn to swim. At first you learn, practice, then it will seem like you do not learn, you just swim but in fact you always learn something about your body, about the water that surrounds you. You'll feel it and it will not bother you. Even if you wear your helmet and glasses, the water will be everywhere. It's your friend and in fact that is what you'll find out at Swim Factory. How to make water your friend, love it, control it or leave it guide you. Whether you are an adult or a child, but especially a child, because part of the lessons are dedicated to children.

Our objective

We want to make sure that every swimmer learns to swim in a safe and relaxed environment because the environment, in turn, will helps to develop each individual. At Swim Factory we want to cultivate swimmers with a good technique. To achieve this, we have a very clear vision about the swimming programs that helps on building and developing swimming skills in order to achieve the goal. We are concentrating on the body position, water stroke, arm pull, breathing and timing so that the process of water propulsion is as easy and comfortable as possible.

Covered swimming pool Dinamo "Tolea Grintescu”

You have 2 options where you can swim:

Olimpic swimming pool

It has 50X25 m. It s big. When you look at it, you feel small. But when you enter in the water, you are it s master. Even if you are 5 or 50 years old,you control the water.

Small Swimming Pool

It has 25X12,5 m. This is probably were the first lesson will take place. And the next one. And every time you will desire, and there will be a free place, even if you are already capable to swim all over the place.

The Swim Factory family is formed by four instructors with great championship and teaching experience. With over 18 years of experience in swimming and countless sporting competitions, the Swim Factory team can help you learn to swim, love the water and perfect all your swimming styles. We hope we've convinced you and we invite you to contact us by email contact@swimfactory.ro or phone +4 0752 183 685,to schedule your first swimming session. For any details please access the contact section:


Monday - Friday:

- 15.00 - 20.00 (at 19.00 being the last course)



- 10.00 - 13.00 (at 12.00 being the last course)



- Closed




Because tradition is very important to us and because I promised when I started on this path of setting up this swimming club, that sport must be combined with recreational activities, which are meant to create friendship and mutual support between Swim Factory Family members, here we are read more...